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6 Countries in Europe you need to visit before you die

Dreaming of the days when I can see Europe again.

While you're waiting for this beautiful continent to open back up again, here are 6 countries in Europe you should plan on visiting.


I have a deep love for Spain, I think because of my experience living there for four months in college, but also because of the homey feeling I felt since I got there.

When in Spain, I recommend Barcelona, Valencia, Montanejos (it's about an hour from Valencia), and Andulucia (Alhambra and Sevilla).

All are Barcelona and Valencia has an old-city modern vibe, Montanejos is a natural hot spring i(although from my goosebumps in the picture it was not hot lol) in the mountains, and the others are touristy sites.

But, I will say if you appreciate Spanish architecture and history you'll love every second of it.


You will never regret a trip to Greece. This island is so beautiful everywhere you go. Rent a car and explore!

I'd recommend Oia, Santorini (duh, you can't come without seeing the white buildings and ocean!) and Mykonos! You can take a 2.5-hour ferry ride from Santorini to Mykonos, and they're not bad!

Mykonos is a great place to drink Greek beer on the beach and, at night, head over to Chora or the Mykonos town for cute shops and restaurants!

There are plenty of beach options in Mykonos with crystal blue water.


We saw it first on Lizzie Maguire, and every other blogger's Instagram post on the black beaches of the Almafi coast.

You can find some hotel recommendations for the Almafi Coast here.

Italy is an iconic place to visit in Europe and should be at the top of your list.

Fun fact: I lived in Europe for 4 months and didn't visit Italy.

I wanted to save a trip to Italy with my mother, since her grandparents are from there, and she's never been before!

It's one of the first places I hope to visit once Europe opens back up to Americans.


I decided to go to Brussels, Belgium on a whim from Valencia, Spain because of how cheap it was.

And by cheap, I'm talking about a $20 round trip ticket.

This city surprised me because of all the things to do and places to see!

My biggest recommendation is to get a hotel near the Grand Place, which is the central square of Brussels.

It's also a UNESCO World Heritage Site and near coffee shops, restaurants, and bars!

I'd also recommend visiting Delirium Cafe, where they have over 2,000 beers, which is in the Guinness World Record, AKA, it's a big deal.

Other touristy things you can do is to take a walking tour of Brussels and see signature sites like Manneken- Pis, the statue that they hilariously dress up in 900+ outfits.

Finally, there's the Atomium, which is about 20 minutes from the center of Brussels and the symbol of Brussels and Belgium.


From charming mountain towns, to beautiful cherry blossoms, to city life, Austria has it all.

Because Vienna has been ranked one of the best places to live in the world for over 10 years, it's worth checking out this town if you only have time for one city.


Amsterdam should be your first stop when visiting the Netherlands.

This is guaranteed to be a good time for adults. There's plenty to do and see including visiting the Red Light District, visiting a coffee shop, and enjoying the views of the canals!

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