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Bella Hadid Street Style Inspiration

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

Inspiration from her looks & how you can easily recreate them!

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One thing that's in common with all these looks are they're actually basic outfits with stunning accessories!

For her first outfit, just the color in itself is gorgeous. Pick bold or pastel coats and match your pants with your coat.

Pair it with a basic white tea and sneakers for a comfortable day look. Bella's coat is typically over $1,000, but any warm and cozy jacket would work as long as it matches your pants.

The second look is the easiest to recreate. Grab your neutral crop tank, your loose jeans with a statement belt, and a pair of cute heels. Your day look just turned into a night look!

Don't forget the iconic Bella Hadid half-up half down hairstyle.

The third outfit is the perfect representation of working from home in 2020 when you have virtual meetings.

Bella pairs a graphic tee with comfortable plant pants and an oversized blazer. She looks comfy yet chic.

Just make sure you size up for a looser fit!

Anyone seen Emily in Paris yet? That's instantly took me back to French vibes.

Dress up a pair of bike shorts with a black tank. Pair with a statement blazer like the gingham blazer she's wearing, a cute beret, small sunglasses, and black heels for an instant glow up.

The last look is also a biker shorts and crop top set.

Pair with a chic (and preferably long) jacket to dress it up a bit.

If Bella can pull these off, so can you! Which look is your fave?

Bella Hadid Street Style

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