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Easy couples costumes

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

Non-basic couples costume you can create with your bestie or bf. ๐ŸŽƒ

By clicking through the Amazon links, I may get commission if you make a purchase. This commissions go towards my student debt & I appreciate any and all support ๐Ÿ˜…

Hippy Fairly Oddparents - Cosmo & Wanda costume idea
Hippy Fairly Oddparents - Cosmo & Wanda

For Cosmo, you'll need a black vest, wide or boot-leg jeans, and flip flops.

For Wanda, you'll need a yellow tank top, wide or boot-leg jeans, and flip flops.

For both Cosmo and Wanda


Elvis & Priscilla Presley couples costume
Elvis & Priscilla Presley

Picture Source

Priscilla Presley

You'll need a wig or long brown hair parted down the middle, and a purple blouse and pants.

Elvis Presley

You'll need a light blue button down, and a matching blue blazer and pants set. You'll also need to try to style your hair like Elvis, and the classic clear aviators sunglasses. Check out your local Goodwill first if you have time, if not, here's some you can find on Amazon.



John Lennon & Yoko couples costume
John Lennon & Yoko

John Lennon

For John, you'll need a white turtleneck, a white blazer, white pants, and white shoes. For accessories you'll need any round glasses, shoulder-length hair or wig, and a brown belt.


For Yoko you'll need big round sunglasses, a white floppy hat, long black or brown hair, and a white dress or separate pieces that are all white. Pair this with white stockings and white knee high boots.


Hawaiian Punch  couples costume
Hawaiian Punch

Picture Source


You'll need a Hawaiian accessories set including the skirt, lei, florals, and top. Check your local Party City or get this set from Amazon.

Boxer / "Punch"

You'll need boxing gloves, shorts, and a hoodie.


Kim Possible & Ron Stoppable

Kim Possible

For Kim's outfit, you'll need an orange wig, black quarter sleeve crop top, green baggy utility pants, black gloves, and black shoes.

Ron Stoppable

For Ron you'll need a black long sleeve or quarter sleeve shirt, blue cargo pants. blonde hair and a green backpack



Two ghosts couples or best friends costume
Two Ghosts: Source @fritzbacon on TikTok

Darth Vader & StormTrooper couples costume
Darth Vader & StormTrooper

This one is probably the easiest one yet, but still so cool! Make your own ghost costumes with some old sheets or fabric at your local thrift store or Walmart, and cut out some holes for your eyes and mouth. Add some sunglasses to make it a cool ghost couples costume.

Picture Source

StormTropper Outfit:

If you don't already have the pants, blazer, and tie, go to your local Goodwill or thrift shop for white pants, a white blazer, a white tie, and a black button down shirt to wear underneath.

Wear with a pair of dark or black shoes.

If you don't have time to sort through all the thrift shops, you can find this entire outfit from Amazon linked below.

Darth Vader Outfit

There's also the potential to find this outfit at Goodwill, so look for all- black pieces like tops, bodysuits, and black shorts.

Pair this with knee-high black boots for the hotter version of Darth Vader ๐Ÿ˜

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