Hailey Bieber Street Style

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

Hailey Bieber has the ultimate cool girl fashion. Her model-off-duty looks are always on point, comfortable and put together.

Scroll down for inspiration on her looks, and pieces you need to recreate them!

Hint: You don't need to buy from designer brands to copy her looks!

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Matching bold accessories will make people check you out twice! Love how dressed up this look is when it's really just sweats with bold accessories.

Here's an affordable blazer you can get and of course the iconic Doc Martens.

Photo credit: Backgrid

Neutral basics. Monochrome is soooo in and it's sooo easy to recreate. This set has 6 different colors and for a little more than $5 per top. You'll be set with your closet essentials with these pieces!

Now, bring it together with matching sweatpants and a cardigan and you're monochromized! 😉

If you're not in need of all those sets, this one shoulder top is super cute too!

Another bold blazer set, but this time she wore a hoodie underneath. Always putting comfort first, love it!

Photo by GC Images

Another iconic blazer look but the color is everything. She makes a bold look with this forest green blazer and matching shorts set and knee-high boots. Even better if those boots are comfortable!

But notice the rest of her outfit is still casual underneath with a plain black crop top.

Photo from Footwear News

Name someone who rocks the Canadian Tuxedo better than Hailey. I'll wait.

This look is best put together by looking at whichever piece you have in your closet and buying the other.

So if you have denim jeans, look for a denim jacket that matches the color as close as possible!

Photo from Who What Wear

This long leather jacket is everything. Perfect for NY weather yet still looking chic! Pair it with leather boots with buckles or zippers to really stand out.

Photo from Steal the Look

Another casual look that Hailey dresses up with an oversized blazer, a funky scrunchie and jewelry.

Photo from Vogue

Staying home or going out? Her white crop top and sweats look is so casual, but she dressed it up with colorful sneakers (look for a smaller size in men's shoes) and gold jewelry. The ultimate cool girl look.

Photo by InStyle

The fall 2020 top: the knit cardigan. Hailey pairs it with a western style belt and high-waisted jeans. Kitten heels or mule heels would dress this look up!

Dress your silky slit day dress up with a leather jacket & low-top sneakers!

Photo by GC Images

Hailey is killin' it in this neutral blazer set. She pairs this set with a crop crew neck graphic, sneakers, and a purse- but I'd personally pair this look with a shoulder bag which is super trendy right now!

Photo from Steal the Look

Tom-boy girly is Hailey's signature, and this cropped mockneck sweatshirt and classic Vans is just that.

Love how she paired it with a dressy bag so it breaks the "too casual" vibe!

Her street style is an inspiration for millennial and gen Z women alike, and they're surprisingly easy to copy.

Hailey's street style is effortless, and can be replicated by purchasing look alike pieces from brands such as boohoo and Nasty Gal and even basics from Amazon.

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