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Indie Style + 10 Outfit Ideas

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

Edgy & comfortable describe this trending fashion style in 2020.

Think baggy jeans & big t-shirts with an edge. This look is the go-to for 2020 because of the IDGAF vibe it gives off.

Here are some of the best Indie Style looks + what to look for online if you're trying to create your own look!

Matching your bucket hat to your fit

Plaid Top w/ baggy jeans (crop adds a feminine flair)

Neon, chunky sneaks, & plus funky pants

Claw Clip, Shoulder Bag & Baggy Sweater with collar

Quirky details & accessories (show your personality girl!)

Folded Baggy Jeans, Sweatshirt, Air Forces & Chains

Overall Dress, French Hat & Chunky Boots (Docs are my go-to)

Bring out the basics (so happy about this) & add a corduroy Jacket from your local thrift shop & your fave sneaks

Indie Style
Photo Credit: Wheretoget

Baseball Hat, basic tee & baggy jeans

Indie Style
Photo Credit: Wheretogetit

Which one is your favorite look & why?

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