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A Review of Rosewood mayakoba in Playa Del Carmen, mexico

Staying at the Rosewood Mayakoba was a very special experience.

There isn't one minute that you don't feel welcomed, looked after, and taken care of.

When I first arrived, and they were taking us to our room, they took us on a boat through the resort lagoon.

Of course they didn't hesitate to offer drinks both alcoholic and non-alcoholic options to enjoy the boat ride.

When I say they really make you feel like you're on vacation here, I'm not exaggerating.

On the short boat ride, I was able to see other villas, and experience a bit of the nature that Playa Del Carmen has to offer.

We then pulled up to our villa, where I was instantly impressed.

I'm all about the ~aesthetics~ so my eyes instantly lit up when I walked up the stairs from the lagoon to the outdoor area.

I had a hot tub, a sun bathing chair (fits 2 people!), a seating area for 4, and a table and chairs to enjoy coffee outside.

And when I tell you I enjoyed that outside area.. I really did!

It's a great place to relax, tan, and listen to the birds and sounds of nature.

Now onto the amenities and my absolute favorite part... THE ROOSEWOOD SENSE SPA.

This spa had amazing reviews, and I kept hearing people rave about it. And for good reason!

Not only was my facial top notch, the experience at the spa before AND after was amazing.

Here's a tip: Plan on getting there early. There are some things you can do before your treatment that will make it even more special.

If you can't make it before or have time after, make sure to plan on spending an hour or two just here at some point of your stay.

What's great about it is you don't even need a spa treatment booked to enjoy the spa amenities!

Luckily, I had the place to myself - I think they do a great job of spacing out the reservations so you do get to enjoy private time.

They offer a warm and cool plunge pool for therapy, along with a sauna and steam room.

Before going in, a kind woman who was a part of staff asked me if I knew the steps of the DIY treatment. I said no, and I'm so glad I did because I then taught this approach to others who eventually came in the spa.

In the picture to the left, you'll see the first step of the treatment, which they called Yellow cornmeal body scrub.

What you do is you grab your own bowl and add in some drops of the oil in the middle bowl to create a body scrub.

You then rub it all over your body to exfoliate, and hop into the steam room for about 10-15 minutes for deep exfoliating.


After that, you go straight to the showers with multiple pressure options of course... and then go into the sauna.

From the sauna you hit the cold plunge pool, then the hot plunge pool.

This in itself was a whole treatment that got me feeling some type of way.

After I got my facial, I headed back into the spa to grab my things, but found myself not wanting to leave yet.

They have a relaxing reading room with interesting books and magazines to read, along with a few snacks and beverages.

Not the mention the decor is stunning!

You would think this is it... but no. They have even more experiences outside.

I fell in love with their Kuxtal Sensory Garden. Although they do offer treatments here, I just wanted to explore and check it out for myself.

It was a beautiful and calming oasis filled with plants, herbs, and refreshments.

They had essential oils laid out, which they use as part of their treatments, but I used to create my own treatment 😉

As someone who loves essential oils and believes in the healing powers of aromatherapy, I had a lot of fun here.

What I loved about the Rosewood Mayakoba was that even though this is a 5 star boutique hotel, their experiences and amenities all tied around Mexican culture.

The sessions they offer in this room all relate back to Mayan rituals.

The last stop of my spa journey was their pool area.

This zen area had multiple lounge chairs, a waterfall, and hammocks to relax.

It's nice to be able to come here because it was much quieter here then at the other pools around the hotel.

They not only give you two bikes to ride around the "mini-town" of the resort, but there is also a golf cart you can call or you can stop along the way to take you where you want to go.

Another thing I loved about the Rosewood Mayakoba was the options of places to eat and explore.

As a foodie, I naturally had to try every restaurant!

This picture is at the La Ceiba Garden & Kitchen on the resort.

It has stunning bohemian decor, which fit in perfectly during the sunset.

You'll also notice the chic table setting, all surrounded by different herbs!

I was truly impressed by the combination of modern- rustic decor with nature.

During dinner, they also had the traditional Mariachi Band playing for us.

Once again, the staff at Rosewood Mayakoba do an amazing job of treating us with the luxury experience while still offering tastes of Mexican culture.

Another stop I made was one of my last days tanning by the pool. I had to try the traditional Mexican corn on the cob known as Elote, which was located at one of their pools by the ocean, Punta Bonita.

Overall, I totally understand the hype about the Rosewood Mayakoba.

This hotel is truly deserving of it's 5 stars.

The staff, experience, aesthetics, food, and spa all come together for this marvelous luxury experience that still shows you Mexican culture.

I am well aware of the not-so-cheap nature of this hotel, and I am very grateful that I had the experience to visit this location.

Just keep in mind that with an exclusive boutique hotel comes not-so-cheap prices, despite the surrounding area of Playa Del Carmen being extremely affordable.

I will tell you though, thinking back now, this is absolutely the place to treat yourself, and get the true 5 star experience.

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