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Things to do in St. Augustine, Florida

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

Saint Augustine is like the mini-version of a city in Spain. The buildings and architecture give off a European vibe because it resembles Spanish architecture.

For the time being, it's as close to Europe as us Americans can get. 😒

This list is perfect for you if you're looking to get tipsy for free, spoil yourself with treats, and get a taste of history. Not mention a lot of these locations are great picture spots!

**These are for the people that don't like the super touristy things to do**

Here are some recommendations from my trip to Saint Augustine starting with my favorites.

P.S. If you plan to travel there in June/ July/ August make sure to pack light and breathable clothing. You want to make sure you're comfortable when you're exploring because it gets HOT!

Free wine tasting at the San Sebastian Winery

This was my favorite activity in Saint Augustine because of how much value you get from this experience. You get to try 5+ different wines that are also locally made in Saint Augustine and it's completely complimentary. They're open 7 days a week between 10/11AM and close at 5PM. You can read more on the San Sebastian Winery website

I had such a good time, I didn't even get to snap my own picture, but that's okay! At the end, I ended up buying 3 bottles of their Ruby port wine which is one of their desert wines that's aged in bourbon barrels!

Even sober I realized it was a really good decision (that's when you know).

They also have live music at The Cellar Upstairs Bar and Restaurant, which is on the same property as the wine tour. Here you can drink your favorites, have a bite to eat and enjoy the views of Saint Augustine.

Keep reading for a spot less than 5 minutes away that also offers free tastings!

St. Augustine Distillery Tour in St. Augustine, Florida

Free samples of rum at the St. Augustine Distillery

I had to take a selfie in this unique and rustic bathroom, have you ever seen a cool sink like this?!

Besides the cool bathroom, this was a cool spot to visit along with the San Sebastian Winery, which I mentioned in the previous section, and happens to be less than 2 minutes away.

We came here to sample some of Saint Augustine's locally distilled rum and it was delicious! When you first walk into the building you see plenty of things to read and learn about the rum-making process. This is also where you first interact with someone and get your first tasting.

Then, you progress into different rooms and try about 3 more samples of rum. The people that work there are knowledgeable and friendly, so don't be afraid to ask questions!

At the end they have their shop where you can pick up some 21+ friendly souvenirs. If you plan on going to the winery, you might as well spend another 30 minutes or so at the Saint Augustine Distillery.

Visit the beautiful architecture around Downtown Saint Augustine

This was another free adventure that I just stumbled upon. I parked on Cordova Street near the Casa Monica Resort & Spa Hotel (the white building) and just walked around that area and came upon these beauties.

Take your time while you walk town, there are many lovely sites to see! (click arrow to see more)

Grab a gourmet popsicle on St. George Street

Hyyppo Popsicles St. Augustine, Florida

Whether you're from Florida or not, grabbing a gourmet popsicle is a must when exploring the town of Saint Augustine.

It's safe to say you're going to spend some time on St. George street, which is the downtown area of Saint Augustine.

Hyppo Popsicles are the dreamiest ice cream treats you can get, and definitely worth every penny. Last time I tried their pistachio coconut flavor and it was amazing! You can see all the Hyppo popsicle flavors here.

The picture to the right was actually 5 years ago, can you tell? 😂

Get a classic French macaron from Le Macaron

Le Macaron St. Augustine, Florida

Not going to lie...if I see a Le Macaron anywhere I HAVE to stop in to grab a treat.

I'm more of a salty-tooth than sweet tooth person, but I can't resist when it comes to these.

Nobody makes these delicacies like Le Macaron. They are also located near downtown Saint Augustine.

If you make a left at the street you see in front of me it leads you to the Fort de San Marcos which I talk about below.

Relive history at the Castillo de San Marcos National Monument

The Castillo de San Marcos is a 400+ year old Fort that the Spanish built that you can still see bullet holes that the prisoners were executed by the Spaniards's crazy.

This is one of those places to get your history fix- but even for those who are not usually into it, it's a must when visiting Saint Augustine for the first time.

When you're there you can walk around the fort and marvel at it, or you can purchase a $15 ticket and explore inside (the inside tour was not available when I visited). When you go inside you get to read exhibits about the history of the fort, watch films, see 3D models of the fort and more!

It really is an admirable historic site and it's right by most of the other activities I mentioned below so, you might as well!

As of 10/21/2020 they are open from Wednesday-Sunday from 9AM-5PM

Would you add anything else to this list? If you're planning on visiting Saint Augustine soon, leave me any questions you have in the comments below, and follow along on my social media page for more!

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